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As the year winds down, there's one thing every profitable business starts to think about: taxes.

Here's a quick disclaimer: we're not tax accountants. But, we do know that many of you run cash-basis businesses, which means that you've got only about 10 more days to book business expenses for 2014 to deduct them from your taxes.

If you've had a particularly good year, you might consider pre-paying for a year of advance retainer now to offset some revenue and thus save your marginal tax rate.

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Concierge Medicine

1We help physicians transition their practice or start de novo to adopt this new and exciting model  for personalized medicine,  concierge,  direct pay and micropractices.

Physician Integration

2We work with IPAs, PHOs, MSOs and ACOs to develop fully-integrated infrastructure and align physicians and other practitioners in these new models of health delivery

Health Tourism

3 Health tourism industry providers, investors, and government agencies call on us to prepare them for health and wellness tourism business success.

Digital Marketing

4We provide social publishing, reputation management, and search engine optimization to create a total web presence for healthcare businesses We offer white glove “Do It For Me” for busy physicians.

Mercury Advisory Group is a global healthcare consulting firm headquartered in Denver, CO specializing in managed care, concierge medicine, physician-hospital integration, health tourism, healthcare provider marketing and branding, and healthcare business development.