Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Consulting Services


ACOs, IPAs, MSOs, & PHOs

1We work with IPAs, PHOs, MSOs and ACOs to develop their infrastructure, develop networks, align physicians, and negotiate contracts in these new models of health delivery. We built the first and only Globally Integrated Health Delivery System® in the world.

Branding and Marketing

2We’ve helped healthcare providers build or improve brand awareness through improved messaging, award-winning images & logos, and better service delivery. Let us help you build a premium healthcare brand with which patients choose to associate and payers pay up to 14% higher reimbursement.  

Concierge Medicine

3We’ve helped over 300 PCPs & specialists to strategize, build or convert their practice for these rewarding business models that provide personalized medicine, concierge medicine, direct pay and micropractices.

Digital Marketing

4Healthcare providers realize they must become active with social publishing, reputation management, and search engine optimization to create a total brand presence on the internet. Each day, we help more than 100 physicians too busy to do this on their own.

Managed Care Contracts

5Since 1989, we’ve helped thousands of healthcare providers to develop their managed care contracting strategy, analyze existing contracts, create bundled rates, identify risks and pitfalls, and negotiate recommended changes.

Medical Tourism

6Our clients are governments, investors and stakeholders in more than 120 countries seeking to build unique destination experiences and economic development. We perform situation analyses, recommend local, regional and national strategies, and execute their pilot programs.

Provider Contracting

7We’ve been helping insurers and employers to build their participating provider networks, private health exchanges, create contract and negotiation strategies & tactics, build reward and recognition programs, and improve credentialing vetting workflows for more than 30 years.

Revenue Management

8We help healthcare providers worldwide to get paid timely, accurately and fairly. We help with denied claims appeals and other billing, collections and contracted reimbursement problems. We’ve achieved results of over 95% collection ratios on contracted reimbursements.

Silent PPO Recovery

9Has your organization been plagued by non-contracted discounts? Our average recoveries for PCPs is about $50,000. For surgeons, it is often in the hundreds of thousands. In most cases, they didn’t even realize the amounts were owed to them.  Let us troubleshoot the root cause and then try to recover the money owed to you. If you don’t do this timely, it’s lost forever.


10We’ve helped more than 150 PCPs & specialists in rural and urban practice settings implement smartphone and tablet telehealth programs in their practice. It’s quick, easy and frees up office visit appointments for patient care that requires face-to-face interaction, while adding a new dimension of patient convenience to your service amenities.

Training & Workshops

11We lead more than 150 seminars & workshops around the world each year to help build employee skills, medical staff leadership, managed care negotiations, surgical cost containment, improved customer service, HCAHPS improvement, cultural awareness, medical tourism marketing, and international patient department operations.

Website Design

12We’ve helped over 30 physicians update their websites and add mobile responsiveness to their websites that adapt to smartphone and tablet layout. If you don’t plan to blog, we’ll build you a mini-site that has just the basics to establish & maintain your web presence at about 10% of the cost of a regular website.

You can do it all by yourself…but you don’t have to

Success is no accident.  It comes from a combination of hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice, and most of all, a love of what you are doing or learning


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 Improve business operations, quality & safety

We make it easier for you to be in the business of healthcare

Revenue Cycle

Collect the fees that you originally negotiated

You work too hard to leave money on the table. Let’s go get it!


Achieve competitive advantage with a total strategy

Help to build and manage all your professional marketing activities



Lessons learned & best practices from decades of experience

We develop unique strategies to achieve sustained growth

Private Practice

Your unique style of practicing medicine comes to life

Build a thriving practice that features personalized care delivery


Managed Care

Better contracts; fewer hassles; higher margins

On average, clients report results yielding 30x returns on fees



Change Management

Relationships between people, processes, and planning

When the issue requires a change in process, planning or execution

  • Team building
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Problem solving


Physician Integration

Integrated healthcare delivery, aligned by design™

IPA, PHO, MSO, & ACO strategy, implementation, network development, contracting, & operations

  • Quality and safety
  • Risk-contracting
  • Patient engagement
  • Care navigation
  • Business efficiency


Process Improvement

Fine tuning to achieve and sustain your full profit potential

On average, clients report results yielding 44x returns on fees

  • Find the problem
  • Recommend solutions
  • Implement the correction
  • Measure effectiveness
  • Continually improve


Health Tourism

Powerful economic development with health tourism business

Destination & stakeholder program development assistance for medical facilities, spas & resorts


Worksite Health

Care for your employees, no matter where they work

Onsite health services deliver convenience & cost containment

  • Onsite clinic design
  • Prevention & wellness programs
  • Worker injury management
  • Remote telemedicine
  • Remote worksite med-evac
  • Exclusive provider networks
Service Line Additions

New profit and research centers of innovation

Differentiate by developing and launching a premium brand reputation

  • Market research and business planning
  • Feasibility analysis for new service lines
  • Seamless clinical service integration
  • Clinical trials program development
  • State-of-the-art technology & innovation
  • Service line marketing & promotion


Mercury Advisory Group is a global healthcare consulting firm headquartered in Denver, CO specializing in managed care, concierge medicine, physician-hospital integration, health tourism, healthcare provider marketing and branding, and healthcare business development.