35 Years Coaching Others To Success

Mercury Advisory Group is the consultancy brand under which about 100 dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate. 

Mercury Advisory Group began as a small independent consultancy of Maria Todd in 1983, providing industry-leading advisory services to many of the world’s most admired healthcare and health tourism brands early in the history of the firm, many of which are listed among the Fortune 500. Our experts work across the healthcare, hospitality, information systems, technology, pharmaceutical, and related industry sectors with one objective: to deliver valuable insights and measurable, sustainable results.

Mercury Advisory Group experts help organizations, governments, and healthcare professionals grow their business and enhance value by identifying and coaching on actionable insights. Experts provide healthcare business, revenue cycle, operational, and marketing services to select healthcare, health tourism, associations, investors, and government authority clients. The brands and organizations in our client portfolio include some of the most prestigious hospitals and healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, research institutes, insurers, employers with self-funded health benefit programs, software developers, private equity investment firms, and government authorities in healthcare, tourism, foreign affairs, economic development and educational institutions throughout the world.  Each member consultant provides services in particular geographic areas and subject matter subject to the laws and professional regulations of the particular country or countries in which it operates.

We help inspire clients to make their most challenging business decisions with confidence and avoid mistakes and oversights which in turn, helps them lead the way toward a stronger economy and a healthy society. We are proud to be a boutique global professional services network, serving our clients in ways that benefit their business and their customers.

Clients count on the experts at Mercury Healthcare International and its Advisory Group to guide them through the steps to design strategies and tactics and execute rapid change toward sustainable progress. Our people bring the know how to anticipate, collaborate, and innovate, and create opportunity.

Clients Helping Clients

What we do best is find solutions.

For more than 35 years, we've been helping our clients find and implement solutions for their business. Sometimes the solution is peer-to-peer and sometimes one of our clients is the perfect solution for another client across the street or across the world.  Part of the value a consulting expert brings is knowing who to call and nurturing the relationships and building trust between industry stakeholders, insurers, government authorities, healthcare professionals, and those who support them.

Often a client calls with an emergency... the state inspector just left and found several deficiencies that must be corrected in 20 days in order to renew a license to operate a surgery center, clinic, or health facility. One call to Maria Todd and within an hour, the client is on the phone with one of our healthcare accreditation experts being reassured that the problems can be corrected and the facility readied for re-inspection on time. Another client calls because a health plan has not paid according to its contract and cash flow is an emergency.  One call to Maria Todd and within an hour, the contract is being reviewed via email and a strategy deployed a few hours later to get the payer to release funds or face the wrath of regulators and significant penalties. A stem cell therapy company needs a marketing plan, graphics, video production, a website and a consumer facing strategy. In two weeks, a consultant with knowledge of stem cell science, medical tourism and healthcare marketing is seated in front of the CEO and the executive team conducting a situation analysis to produce and execute on the new strategy and marketing plan.  A mental health and addiction recovery center languishes with empty rooms isn't sure how to connect with the cash-paying, upscale market it wants to attract. Within a week, an expert is on the way to their facility to start their project.

But at other times, the solution to a problem one client faces is hiding in plain sight with another client. We leverage our relationships with our clients to help out other clients. We dive deep into our clients' businesses, capabilities, and strengths. Clients count on the experts at Mercury Healthcare International and its Advisory Group for the solutions to their toughest challenges, and to execute on strategies at the lowest possible cost and highest possible returns. Call on us for any challenge in healthcare operations, revenue cycle, marketing, accreditation or software applications development for the healthcare industry. Chances are we can help or direct you to someone who knows exactly how to solve the matter quickly and effectively.

OUR CEO & Founder

Dr Maria K ToddMaria Todd's  (AskMariaTodd®) dedication to leadership extends beyond the team and our clients and the commercial marketplace to our own organization and the places where we work and live.

Our success depends on cultivating and celebrating diverse skills, experiences, and vision. Each expert serves their community through pro-bono and volunteer work bring our skills and experience to help others achieve their goals.  Maria serves on the Board of five community non profit organizations and volunteers time and service on two others.

Maria Todd brings over 35 years of healthcare business administration, travel and tourism, nursing and health law paralegal experience to the firm and directs most consulting projects in those areas.  She is a prolific author with 16 internationally-published, peer reviewed books and thousands of blog articles and guest columns in leading industry periodicals and interviews on healthcare business and process improvement. An accomplished and award-winning speaker and trainer, she has more than 2800 live and web-based presentations to her credit on 5 continents.

You may remember her courses on Managed Care Contracting and Negotiation, Physician and Health Systems Integration, and Healthcare Revenue Cycle Operations and Process Improvement through HFMA, MGMA, AICPA, McGraw Hill Healthcare Education Group and other professional societies and non-profit trade associations. She was an education chair for HFMA Nevada, HFMA Colorado, Global Health Travel Council, The American Academy of Private Physicians, the Healthcare Business Institute and the Council on the Global Integration of Healthcare. Maria has been honored with numerous awards in the U.S. and abroad for innovation and excellence in professional education.

Press Contact

Maria K Todd, MHA PhD
Executive Offices
Tel: +1.800.727.4160
Email: info@mercuryadvisorygroup.com

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What others have said

Maria and her team at Mercury Advisory Group lead with a fresh outlook and are come up with new and inventive ideas. We enjoyed her non-traditional and vibrant personality. She was not afraid to challenge our thinking and dig deeper.

Maria's ability to help us reach our highest of goals is admirable and her passion for what she does is contagious!

Maria is the authority! She is the "rock" of medical tourism consulting. Count on her and her team to lead you to success!

FOCUSED and FORMIDABLE in third-party payer contract negotiations! She knows what she's doing and she worked quickly to position our hospital for better rates and less hassle factor from insurance plans If you need someone to play hardball on your behalf, look no further than Maria Todd!

In a world of uncertainty about healthcare reimbursement and healthcare reform, Maria remains rational and grounded. She is the Mastermind of our most successful payer contracting strategy. We have so much respect for her expertise and "no-nonsense" approach. Payers respect her at the negotiation table/ They play their games with our competitors, while we got more cash and concessions.