Much has changed at Mercury Advisory Group in recent months

We've relocated away from Denver to St George, Utah

This benefits our clients in two ways. The move enabled us to contain our overhead costs. What's more,  St George is an amazing place to host clients who visit us for consulting and coaching. Many of the training and coaching activities we host in St George leverage the spectacular, red-rocks and dark sky resort experience featuring year-round warm weather and award-winning golf courses. We're located just 112 miles north of Las Vegas, and 1/4 mile from Snow Canyon State Park with trails, dunes and vermillion sandstone cliffs, black lava fields, slot canyons and petroglyphs, and proximity to Zion National Park.  Blended naturally into a landscape of vivid red rock cliffs and canyons of southern Utah, the two luxury resorts where we accommodate clients have everything you need to relax, rejuvenate and rediscover your passion for learning.

We've scaled down the number of consulting experts on the team

We're still on great terms with everyone, but our new location in St George forced us to rethink our priorities now that we are no longer in a big downtown highrise in a large city.  As such, if we need to tap the experts with whom we've cultivated relationships over the years for your projects, they are always willing to join your project on an as needed basis. They love a reason to get out of the snow and come to St George for project meetings and golf.

We've narrowed our focus

Healthcare in the USA and abroad are undergoing tumultuous change. No single firm can cover every aspect of healthcare business improvement. Therefore, we've decided to narrow our focus to the areas we are best prepared to help our clients succeed: 

New MasterMind Groups Added

We've added new MasterMind Groups for our managed care, physician employment contract, physician integration, medical tourism and concierge medicine practice startup clients.  MasterMind Groups can be defined and structured in many ways. Ours are intended to:

  • Help you maintain your professional skills and stay ahead of changing healthcare business issues
  • Learn from real-world examples, with peer-to-peer problem solving, sharing lessons learned, and some new ideas you can use to build and grow your business.
  • Engage in meaningful peer-to-peer discussions and interaction in an intimate, small-group setting without vendors or consultant infomercials and exhibit stands trying to sell you services and products
  • Informally tap our award-winning, internationally recognized experts recognized for industry experience, depth of knowledge and proven ability to engage group participants who will be on hand to facilitate Mastermind Group events.
  • Relax, make new friends in a spectacular resort setting 
  • Bring your spouse or partner along for the weekend. They can participate in the discussions or enjoy the resort amenities at the two partner resorts we work with (Entrada and Red Mountain Resort) spas lounge by the pool, read a book, play golf, tennis or pickleball, work on a tan, take a hike, check out a bike, attend a yoga or Tai chi class, visit the nearby national parks, take an ATV or jeep tour, and join in on the group dining and theater outing
  • MasterMind Groups are great because the only cost to attend is your flight, accommodation, meals and incidentals. Peer-to-peer discussions and networking sessions are conducted in a relaxed setting that is fun and affordable for all.  We hope to schedule at least one meetup per MasterMind Group each year and grow it to two over time.
  • Maximum number of registrants for each event: 20 participants
We've expanded our array of Master Class workshops and seminars, webinars and sponsored appearances by Dr Maria Todd

Information for training courses in St George or at your location are now listed at MariaTodd.com.  There you'll find information about upcoming courses, fees, travel and hotel arrangements, prices, and information about onsite courses we can bring to your location.

What others have said

Maria and her team at Mercury Advisory Group lead with a fresh outlook and are come up with new and inventive ideas. We enjoyed her non-traditional and vibrant personality. She was not afraid to challenge our thinking and dig deeper.

Maria's ability to help us reach our highest of goals is admirable and her passion for what she does is contagious!

Maria is the authority! She is the "rock" of medical tourism consulting. Count on her and her team to lead you to success!

FOCUSED and FORMIDABLE in third-party payer contract negotiations! She knows what she's doing and she worked quickly to position our hospital for better rates and less hassle factor from insurance plans If you need someone to play hardball on your behalf, look no further than Maria Todd!

In a world of uncertainty about healthcare reimbursement and healthcare reform, Maria remains rational and grounded. She is the Mastermind of our most successful payer contracting strategy. We have so much respect for her expertise and "no-nonsense" approach. Payers respect her at the negotiation table/ They play their games with our competitors, while we got more cash and concessions.