Concierge Medical Practice Development

Concierge Medical Practice Development


a fully-owned subsidiary of Mercury Healthcare International, has been assisting physicians who wish to transition an existing practice or launch a new concierge medical practice using this exciting new business model that is enjoying amazing growth and popularity across the United States and now in about 15 countries worldwide.

All our team experts have decades of expertise in medical practice development, concierge membership and direct pay business strategy, website development, program design and professional branding and re-branding for healthcare professionals.

Our clients include:

  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Therapists
  • Veterinarians

Operational Challenges

Private practice physicians are turning to concierge medicine and direct pay primary care practice to reclaim the joy of spending time helping patients. They call on our experts to help them with a number of operational challenges that arise as they attempt to build a unique offer and price their services absent the constraints and fee schedules associated with managed care contracted plans. These include, but are not limited to the following areas of concern:

  • Contracting with payers in the hybrid practice model that still accepts PPOs and Medicare
  • What to include in concierge amenity packages
  • How to price their services and bill for membership fees and renewals
  • How to save money on electronic health record programs
  • Best practices for patient education and chronic care management
  • Help with website design and marketing materials now that the practice must market and advertise its services
  • Deciding whether to withdraw from managed care panels 
  • Fighting to stay on panels when plans try to accuse you of material breach of contract for operating a concierge medicine program


Design, Launch and Operations

We devise solutions to help physicians, dentists, therapists and practice managers design, build and operate a concierge or direct pay primary care practice.  No two practices are ever the same in terms of what to do and how to do it best. This is because no two doctors have the same patients, the same resources, or the same population health dynamics or market dynamics.  

Access the experts you need when you need them the most.

Contract Analysis
Full service consultation is available to help you analyze new and existing contracts and identify necessary changes to protect you from accusations of breach that can lead to contract terminations for cause
Startup Assistance
We help you design your concierge medicine or direct pay primary care business strategy and get you started on the right track for business growth and success. This often includes market penetration assessment and marketing strategies.
Payment Models
We assist with analysis and negotiation of payment arrangements, membership inclusions and pricing strategies. Whether you'll require cash for all services, a lump sum annual fee, or accept a membership fees plus insurance payments - we can help you evaluate and decide.
Market Penetration
We handle the market research, consumer buying power and acceptance of the models, practice setup due diligence, and other pre-launch activities you'll need to grow and sustain your practice.


Upon your request, Mercury Advisory Group experts assist through telephone or onsite consultations. Typically, we begin with a brief introductory telephone consultation and follow up with a full- or half-day brainstorming and strategy session at our office or your location.  If your staff requires sales training and membership sales scripts, we have the script writers available to assist you.

Each client receives a workbook intended to help them think through the many decisions required to make their practice unique and a reflection of their practice style. All costs for travel when we come to your location are paid in advance by the provider.  Our charges do not imply any guarantee of success in recruiting a specific number of concierge medicine membership sales.

Ongoing support and startup assistance is available on a prepaid retainer basis for as long as you feel you need it. Cancel with 30 days advance written notice.


Annual Concierge Medical Practice Startups Since 1996

Concierge Medicine and Direct Pay Primary Care Practice Startups and Client Growth

Mercury Advisory Group experts help you get started on the pathway to success for your new practice.

Our team includes branding and marketing specialists, healthcare advertising experts, photographers, videographers, website designers, social media marketing experts, space planners and architects, managed care contracting specialists and data analysts. If you need a referral to knowledgeable accountants and attorneys familiar with concierge and direct pay business models and compliance matters, just ask.

With one call you'll have the experts you need on call when you need them.


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Under the direction of Maria Todd, author of the Handbook of Concierge Medical Practice Design, and The Physician Employment Contract 2nd edition. Ms Todd has developed more than 400 physicians make the switch or start a new concierge or direct pay practice since 1996.
Handbook of Concierge Medical Practice Design