Confidential Client Brief – Concierge/Direct Pay Medical Practice


Also indicate any sub specialties (functional medicine, stem cell, anti-aging, gerontology, etc).
If you are working alone, just enter "me". If your office manager or another individual will be our focal point, please enter their information.

SECTION II Project Tasks /Deliverable

You must list at least one metric or KPI per goal or expert / consultant deliverable. (e.g., how many patients at the end of first year?)
You must list at least one metric or KPI per goal or expert / consultant deliverable.
As is typical for a 35+ year established consulting firm we are always working on existing projects. We need a realistic start date to plan our work and decide upon new projects so that we can ensure adequate staffing and attention to your matter. We will not jeopardize the success of your project due to over-commitment on our part.
Uploading a document does not engage us to assist in your matter. Once we have had a chance to examine the document(s) in question, we will destroy them immediately if you decide not to proceed. Confidentiality is assured.


Please don't stress if you have a small budget. We will do what we can with what you have and may recommend you stage your "wish" list to necessities first, extras as you can afford them. And don't worry that a tiny budget will cause us to lose interest. Tiny budgets usually mean smaller quicker projects we can complete in shorter time frames. We squeeze them into small breaks from our other projects and often manage them with a little overtime, as warranted. Let's worry only when there's a reason to do so.
Indicate number and national currency type (USD, Euros, Lira, Dinars, etc.) If you refuse to list a budget, we will not take the discussion further. We deal in reality.


Who is authorized to approve and proceed with various aspects of this Project?
This authorization applies to all listed parties named above with the exception of contractors and freelancers and external parties listed in any attachments.

FREE EMR and Practice Management System

Are you a startup? Do you need a practice management, electronic billing and electronic medical records ("EMR") system for your practice?  Don't spend more than is absolutely necessary for the tools you need to launch and operate your business.

We have identified an excellent tool that is free to use, certified and does the job. We were so impressed that we even donated to their development fund because we support innovations and initiatives such as this wonderful tool.


is an electronic health records and medical practice management application. It features fully integrated electronic health, records, practice management, scheduling, electronic billing. Full demos and tutorials and well-developed documentation is available through YouTube videos.

To access the demo to poke around, use:  User: admin; Pass: pass

The developer, OEMR, is a non-profit organization formed to ensure that all people, regardless of race, socioeconomic status or geographic location, have access to high-quality medical care through the donation of free, open source medical software and service relating to that software.  Our clients can implement this well-developed tool in the USA and abroad.