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We Assist our Clients With

  • Staff Training & Professional Development
  • Webinars, Seminars, Master Classes
  • Revenue Management Department Training
  • Payer Contract Analysis & Negotiation Assistance
  • Healthcare Payment Troubleshooting
  • Bundled Case Rate Development
  • Capitation & Shared Risk Contracting
  • Third-party Payment Audits and Recovery
  • Payer Rate Negotiation and Fee Increases
  • Healthcare Brand Creation and Rebranding
  • Medical & Dental Business Startup Assistance
  • Medical Tourism Facilitator Startup Assistance
  • IPA, PHO, MSO and ACO Organization & Operations
  • Physician and Hospital Marketing and Branding
  • Digital (Online) Marketing and Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Monitoring & Management
  • Accreditation Survey Preparation
  • Surgical Cost Containment
  • Corporate Health Travel Benefits Management


Please complete a Confidential Client Brief prior to your introductory call. This will save time for all concerned and give us an indication if we are the most appropriate candidate to assist you. If not, we will offer you names of other qualified and competent experts we know and trust. Client briefs are project specific and located under the Contact Us Tab.

We are based in St George, Utah USA

(Airport: SGU)
Please note: A massive structural repair and upgrade project will necessitate a four-month closure of the St. George Regional Airport next year.
During the anticipated 120-day construction project, the airport will be closed to all flights from April 25-Aug. 21, 2019. Our team will be required to use a shuttle to leave from Las Vegas (LAS) which will add 2.5 hours of travel time and added costs for shuttle fares upon departure and arrival.

Our consultants are situated around the world and travel the globe to assist clients at their location.

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Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation with which we must comply, we need your approval for our use of personal information (e.g. your name and email address) you may provide as we communicate: (1) We'll store your personal information so that we can pick up the conversation if we talk later. (2) We may send you emails to follow up on our discussion here. (3) We may send you emails about our upcoming services and promotions. Is this okay with you? If not, please use the telephone to contact us.

Where We Work:

U.S. & Canada

Caribbean & Central America



Latin America



We offer a complimentary 15 minute introductory call to any prospective client.

During your call, we'll listen to your description of the end result you'd like to accomplish and what kind of assistance you'd like from us.  At the end of our initial discussion, we can determine if we are the right choice to help you and what we can offer you based on your timeline, your budget and your goals and objectives. If we don't feel we can meet your needs and provide value, we will try to direct you to a firm or expert who can.

We would love to talk with you. If you prefer that we don't store your contact details, please use the telephone instead of the form provided to contact us.