Advanced Training Program - Health Tourism

The Health Tourism Fellowship Program is offered through inUkraine® and is designed to train senior leaders, middle management and front line health professionals in the theory and application of cost and quality control as well as the health services of physicians, dentists, therapists and health facilities and health curative resorts in health tourism services infrastructure.  Course objectives include market leadership in medical tourism, dental tourism, rehabilitation tourism, addiction recovery tourism, and wellness tourism with emphasis on high quality services delivery, health tourism business management, regulatory compliance, medical records handling, telehealth services, provider-to-consumer marketing, health tourism destination development and special needs travel planning.

In addition, trainees will be familiarized with recent developments in health tourism business development, destination development, and examine available software programs designed specifically for health tourism business coordination. The philosophy behind the fellowship training program is to provide both a thorough, comprehensive exposure to modern health tourism business and clinical practices, beyond current commercially available certification programs and with sufficient background to allow graduates of the program to critically evaluate future developments in this rapidly changing healthcare business specialty.

The 12-month program includes professionally-oriented education through monthly live webinars and graded practicum assignments each month. If a candidate for fellowship misses a live, interactive webinar program, they may view the recorded session online and find information about the assignment due 5 days before the next class session.  All homework assignments and classes must be completed to graduate from the program.

To apply for the fellowship program, all applicants should be prepared to submit the following:

  • CV
  • Your English language fluency level (all courses and assignments are in English, the language of international business)
  • A copy of your Professional License or Facilities Commission Certificate
  • A copy of your most recent international facilities accreditation survey report
  • Personal statement of interest
  • Three letters of recommendation. One should be from your local, regional or national Senior Tourism Official

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