Healthcare Marketing Services


We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Market research is something that many healthcare professionals and organizations have no time to undertake. Hours of study, surveying, observing, and digging into statistics are involved to capture, analyze and interpret data and insights. If you are already established in practice and have created your brand, the array of research expands beyond brand experience to customer experience to product experience.

Brand creation for healthcare professionals is an area of marketing that is largely under-served and highly misunderstood. Most physicians, dentists and allied health professionals were never taught even the most basic concepts of branding and brand creation. So out of ignorance, they tend to skip right past what it is, how it works, and why skipping brand creation can lead to unnecessary expense, ineffective marketing strategies that don't deliver and missing the opportunities to connect with the patients they'd most like to attract to their service at any level. In a nutshell, without brand creation, the professional is irrelevant and invisible to the customer. Don't believe us? Compare your name recognition value to Cleveland Clinic, Mayo, Johns Hopkins and MD Anderson. Why do most people know who they are and not who you are? That's right! Branding makes it all come alive.


Most healthcare professionals in private practice have limited resources. How they use them to achieve results takes planning. It seems that when you announce your new business launch everyone has a hand out and is selling you "solutions" they want you to buy. We take a different tact.

First, we help you to determine what you really need and what you should expect in results. Then we determine the best strategy to drive results using the precious cash and other resources you already have in hand before figuring out ways to spend money on big marketing, advertising and "reach". If someone wants to sell you "reach", that's because it is a safe deliverable for them to promise, but it doesn't put cash in your bank account. You want "results".

Careful resource planning helps you achieve measurable results so you can grow on a road map to success.


Online marketing includes many areas of specialization across services and business categories. The methods used by a hotel or local area restaurant are very different from the methods that work for a doctor, dentist, therapist, or other healthcare practitioner. For one thing, the laws and regulations about marketing the services of professional healthcare providers are very different from special promotions at the local grocer, furniture warehouse, pizza parlor, or hair salon.

We are not media buyers. We don't sell social media advertising or pay per click advertising.  We don't offer Search Engine Optimization. Rarely do we ghost write or edit content for clients unless it is part of a training exercise when we coach them to write their own original content. We don't source leads or refer patients. What makes finding healthcare marketing experts so difficult is that all of these roles and services are a part of online marketing. But each one is extremely specialized.

Our online marketing expertise is focused exclusively on projects for healthcare industry stakeholders. We provide our clients guidance and expertise on social media advertising campaign development, profile building and online presence, listing accuracy, online reputation management, influencer development and relationship marketing, social media presence and engagement, analytics and brand strategy. Our CEO is certified in digital marketing by Google. We help identify ideal clients and coach clients to develop messages to which patients will react favorably and remember. We also help clients create buyer persona and buyer journey maps and owned media assets, such as blogs, e-books, newsletters, whitepapers, videos, podcasts and other patient engagement tools. We help to create and elevate clients to trusted authority status through thought leadership content publication as a subject matter expert.




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