Remote Consultation & Coaching

Mercury Advisory Group experts provide direct consultation and coaching worldwide, in person, online and by telephone or VOIP

  • Get guidance, coaching, and solutions from our experts
  • Manage many common operational, staffing, revenue cycle and healthcare marketing and branding problems without consultant travel.
  • Schedule appointments alone or as a group day, night, or any time in between.
  • Personalized solutions and recommendations with every appointment.
  • Private consultations between you and a dedicated expert
  • Priority scheduling to onsite consultation when necessary.

What types of problems can be consulted?

When you've got a managed care or revenue cycle project, a concierge medical practice transition, or a medical tourism program start, or a joint venture involving physician-hospital-health plan integration, our unusual combination of skills and experience enable us to develop solutions to help drive change, achieve results and educate team members. We are usually the last expert retained after others could not deliver results.

Our CEO, Maria Todd, brings over 35 years of healthcare business administration, clinical, insurance and health law paralegal and mediation work experience to the table, along with market and data analytical expertise. She leads and manages complex projects in the USA and abroad and is a respected mentor, trainer, speaker and business coach, worldwide. Her background in healthcare business administration, managed care, clinical integration, and information technology, including mHealth, social media, software function and design and telemedicine, make it possible for her to design aligned programs for physicians, hospitals, health plans, and other stakeholders. She helps them move towards value-based and shared-risk arrangements to achieve quality and curtail risks. She's created pricing models and negotiating capitated, shared-risk, and bundled payment contracts since 1987 and led 400+ successful integration efforts. She is fearless but seasoned when asked to implement new ideas and concepts. She's also known for respectfully declining projects she doesn't believe have a chance to be sustainable or meet objectives.

She is the author or co-author of 20 trade and “How-to” books. As a professional speaker and trainer she has a demonstrated commitment to training and capacity development in the healthcare industry, worldwide.

The firm earns revenues through paid consultations, coaching and speaking and training engagements. Many problem-focused business challenges and questions can be discussed and addressed by Maria or her team of experts online or in person in one or two sessions.

Our experts assess, troubleshoot and provide coaching on the following matters:

Business problems can be addressed and consulted in-person at health facilities, clinics and your office.

You get the personalized guidance you need on the spot and a written summary report of what was discussed and your expert's recommendations and next steps with each session.

What technology do I need to start?

All you need is any device that connects to the internet or a wireless network and has a web camera. (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer).

Easy global access. Use the technology you already have to access healthcare business specialists and experts through a few simple clicks.
Join from any device. Speak with your expert through your computer, tablet, cell phone, in the comfort of your home, work or wherever you may be.

Coaching and guidance sessions (minimum 15 minutes) starting at

USD $100

Begin with a brief no-obligation, complimentary introductory call. It would be our pleasure to discuss your current situation, answer questions about our competency and experience, determine if we are the right experts to assist you and further explore the possibility to help you.  If you decide to move forward with us, we'll schedule your consultation at a mutually convenient time.

We look forward to working with you.