Your brand reputation plays a key role in the positivity aspect of social media (and in your revenue and reimbursement contracts)


In 2011, researchers Kietzmann, McCarthy, et al, developed a logical framework to define the most essential parts of social media, synthesizing what they’d learned in studying dozens of other research projects on the subject.

Their conclusion:

Social media is made up of seven building blocks








social media building blocks

Positive sentiment in your social media updates and in the responses to your brand leads to a positive reputation


Here are eight ways you can build a positive reputation in social media

Use exclamation points

Use positive language and words

Mention community members in a positive way (find something good to say)

Engage the community with upbeat, helpful questions

Use bright and cheerful relevant images and pictures of happy people who are smiling while they do what they do

Avoid negative emotions like aggression, morbidity, and cynicism; ignore those who are negative (don’t enter then space)

Smile in your writing style

Share positive affirmations; affirm other’s posts that respond to yours

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