Social Media Marketing for Healthcare

Thinking About Hiring Help with Social Media Marketing?

Before you allow your brand image and presence to be managed by an individual or an advertising or social media company located in some developing country, study these questions and answers to ensure that the agency or specialist you choose has the cultural competency, experience and technique to ensure your investment is well spent.

What do you want to achieve?

  • To optimize your inbound marketing strategy?
  • To establish your brand as a social media influencer?
  • Appeal to a younger or older audience?
  • Humanize your medical practice or hospital?
  • Compete for market share with doctors not using social media?
  • Support a re-branding campaign or strategy?
  • Drive higher patient engagement in wellness & prevention?

Why Pay More?

We offer a social media marketing package that does everything you need or want for only $300 per month, that's ideal for:

Doctors - Dentists - Veterinarians
Hospitals - Clinics - ASCs
Home Care - Therapists - DME/HME
Medical Tourism

Here are some questions to ask the person you are interviewing for a social media marketing manager role


A successful company blog post is more than just a well-written, relevant or informative piece of content. It’s also strategically promoted.

Niche social communities such as Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn Groups give companies (B2B) a chance to show off their expertise and become a source of influence and thought-leadership among a specific audience. But when your business is a medical practice, you must first decide who will read your posts, what they want from them, and how you want to accommodate them.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all great places to publish blog posts for a physician, but there are many other platforms to share, discuss, network, engage and promote your brand—and an experienced SMM expert knows exactly how to harness this. They should be ready to give you specifics that are relevant to marketing healthcare businesses to prospective patients and referring physicians. If they just say "SEO" and don't explain a definite plan and strategy - hold off.


There are consumer sites where people look for physicians, feedback about them, address and phone numbers, specialties, and more.  Are they familiar with them or do they just keep mentioning "SEO and backlink strategies" as if to attempt to intimidate you with their jargon while not saying much of anything?

We get emails almost daily asking us if we want to improve our SEO and backlinking strategies. Most come from someplace in Asia or Europe.  They have no clue what we do or what works in our line of business as healthcare industry consultants.  First, many countries use the word "consultant" in place of specialist (e.g. orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, etc.) so they don't even understand our target market. For a price of $400 a month, they promise to get us listed.

Listed where? For whom to find? Why?  When I ask these questions, they usually disappear.  What they sell for $400 can be had on for $25.  That's just the tip of the iceberg in what's needed, but it isn't needed at all if it is done incorrectly. Why waste time and $25?


If uploading company videos onto YouTube is something you already do (or hope to), your social media expert needs to have a good understanding into optimization.

YouTube is the second largest search engine platform (only behind Google) with nearly a billion unique visitors per month. So, taking advantage of YouTube’s broad online community by sharing video content is a great idea. However, most physician videos and practice profiles/videos that lack basic optimization are not likely to generate much awareness or engagement. Others are simply talking heads of doctors on a screen rambling on a topic. Many with thick accents are difficult to listen to for a long time, so the drop off rate is higher than it would be had they hired  a voice over professional.


You can't expect to follow a strategy for the local hospital, a delicatessen, or a shoe store or e-retailer. There are rules to follow when posting to Facebook that if you (or your marketing person) breaks them, you're done -- Not like kicked off done. Like your posts don't get shown to even your best followers done -- because they come off as "spammy" or "click bait" posts that are not allowed.

We once managed a doctor's account on Facebook for a year and grew the page to 1500 followers.  In the first week that the doctor's daughter took over, she posted five memes and said nothing about them, and then posted "Please click "Like"".  All our previous year's work and his investment gone in 5 posts. Too bad, so sad. He's the dad.


Here is another example of a mismatch in medical social media marketing. While it works in other industries, it does not work in healthcare.

Social media contests, and prizes such as tangible rewards, such as cash, tickets to sporting/music events and product-related incentives are powerful methods for driving engagement and increasing brand-name recognition. Contests are also time-consuming and require in-depth, consistent communication with participants. They may also break HIPAA and Anti-kickback and other self-referral prohibitions and privacy acts. They are especially problematic if they drive up volumes of visits, services or costs to government and insurance payers or employers.

A competent social media marketing expert should have a good grasp on how to connect a medical brand’s product or value proposition with audience involvement in a compliant and effective manner.  Oh, and don't ask your local health law attorney because they may not know how marketing and social media really works.  To get the right answers from them, you'll need to ask specific questions or take out your checkbook for them to research things a healthcare social media marketing pro can recite cold and point to the relevant laws for your attorney to review and give their blessing.  That's not likely to happen if the marketing person is in another country.


Not only can you build your social reach and be introduced to a wave of new (hot) leads, but you can also gain valuable insight into industry news and innovative marketing strategies. Unless people start asking questions they should be asking in the privacy of your exam room.

Hosting or participating in a Twitter chat is a wonderful social instrument that can be used to bring a community of socially active individuals together and dive into an intelligent, relevant conversation. Your expert should have a strong concept of how to prepare for a twitter chat, Google hangout or webinar or audio conference and bring value into the discussion.  If you are operating a concierge practice or direct pay practice, webinars and chats may be a big bonus to your members. Stranger? Not advised!


Influencer marketing continues is one the most effective strategies for driving immediate attention and loyalty to your brand; however, it’s not exactly easy to do. Especially  in healthcare because of the privacy issues.  Influencers are those who give testimonies about your services.

Influencer marketing takes a methodical approach; a strategy that nurtures relationships without bombarding them with requests or reminders, but rather, understands how to build valuable connections that benefit both parties.  We have done a fair number of video testimony projects with patients pleased to share their story. These can cost thousands, or you can get them done for about $100 per 2 minute finished video. The pre and post production work is where the heavy lifting occurs, not in the videography.


We provide this as a service and our doctors have 5.0/5 feedback and ratings scores. Check yours and see if you have old feedback that's never been answered. Repetitive complaints spread across months and years as if nobody cares. Do your comments all have answers? Our clients' comments are answered within the same day.

We often hear of these services costing upwards of $150 per week or $600 a month. Why is it we can achieve great results with less than $50 a month?


There are 4 data aggregators that provide this service. A social media marketing firm must have an account with them like we do, in order to be effective. Otherwise, their updates will be disregarded.

Our platform stays on top of this around the clock, 365 days a year. The cost for this is $300 a year. See if you can beat that with manual submissions. It takes about 14 days for all 4 services to recognize and add you. Longer if you have no account set up with them.


With our package, you get all the following metrics each week and then a monthly round up report.


Accurate business listings are an important part of showing up properly on Google and helping customers find your business online.
Each week, you receive a report generated from our monitoring platform. The data represents the accuracy of your online presence. We review this each week to do what it takes to improve it, correct your current data, create more listings, and generate new citations. We keep our clients' scores above the industry average—at about the 95th percentile—to improve your chances of getting found closer to the top of the page in local search.

We monitor listing accuracy on the following platforms and social media channels:

  • Bing Local
  • Google Maps
  • Yahoo Local
  • Citysearch
  • Yelp
  • Mapquest
  • Merchant Circle
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus Local
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • healthgrades
  • zocdoc
  • and others


We also monitor any citations of your brand(s).

There are many obvious benefits of having accurate listing information, including consistent branding and accurate contact information so customers can find and connect with businesses. However, Citations, which are mentions of your business name along with another piece of business data (phone number, address, website, or any combination of those) are key in search marketing optimization as well. Google considers these factors:

  • Number of citations
  • Accuracy and consistency of data in citations
  • Authority of websites where citations appear
  • Amount of user-generated content on citations
  • Velocity of user-generated content generation

The Citations Stats section of your monthly and weekly report will track the total number of Citations Found at certain points in time and the increase of Citations found in the past 30 days.


While there are a relatively small number of major rating and review websites, they have large audiences and their reviews are syndicated to many other sites -- making them extremely important for marketing. These websites play a large part in forming your online reputation.

This report shows you new reviews that have been found, trending themes in reviewer comments, and whether or not customer sentiment is trending positively or negatively compared to past reviews.

Each week your executive summary report highlights new reviews. If everything is wonderful, we thank the reviewer on your behalf.  If less than a 3.0 (average) or if a compliant is written, we notify you promptly for instructions on how you want the matter handled and what answer you'd like us to post on your behalf. Your report is simple and quick to read in dashboard format, as seen below:

New Reviews 7
Total Reviews 44
Avg. Rating (this period) 5.0 / 5
Avg. Rating (all time) 5.0 / 5


Mentions include unstructured citations of your business from everywhere on the web, except rating and review sites. Mentions can come from news sites, blogs, rich media sites, and social networks. This report will show you the number of new mentions found and the average sentiment of the mentions. When you blog, each place that your blog is available or mentioned online, you'll get a mention. Our platform constantly scours the internet if someone else mentioned your name or brand in a blog, and alerts us to those findings. This also tells us if your blog is making any impact throughout the internet.


The social report shows you the audience growth for your social profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Your Facebook audience is the number of people that have 'liked' your business. The Twitter audience is the number of people that have followed your Twitter account.


The competition report makes comparisons between your business and your competitors based on specific phrases searched. Simply put, it measures your prominence in web searches compared to your closest competitors and local rivals.  You get to choose which ones to measure against.


The share of voice report measures your brand amplification across the internet compared with two other doctors, hospitals, ASCs, dentists, clinics or other businesses of your choosing.

Is your professional and brand reputation squeaky clean, 5-star, and super fabulous everywhere someone finds you on the Internet?

If not, fix that first. Do whatever it takes.

Answer any negative comments on review and feedback sites. Show appreciation to positive reviewers.

Anything less than a 4-star rating (or even worse, no ratings and no feedbacks) is a brand liability. If you need a current and real time snapshot of all your feedback and comments in one place, my staff will run one for you.

Request a reputation snapshot for only $5. The output report prepared for you enables you to preview how others see you when they search for your brand online and also indicates what you can fix and how. You can fix identified issues all by yourself if you have time. It won't cost you a penny if you do it yourself.

Your snapshot report looks in so many places that takes two days of automated Internet crawling by our platform searchbots to prepare for you - so please be patient. If you decide you want help to fix the issues found, talk to us and decide if you'd like to hire our social media concierge to fix it for you.