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“I love solving problems or eliminating them and finding or creating solutions.  I inspire and support clients in their develop of innovative strategies.”

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Maria Todd is an award-winning international management consultant, trainer, and author with a fresh perspective on healthcare business administration, healthcare cost containment, and health travel business development.  The former CEO of Mercury Healthcare International, and holder of 40 copyrights, a registered trademark for a new term of art in healthcare, and a pending patent on new software inventions.

Upcoming Events and Appearances

(27) Cost Containment: How to Shop and Procure Medical Travel Medical Services for Your Self-funded Health Plan – St George, UT (1 day Master Class – live, interactive)

(28) Cash Pay Surgery / Bundled Case Pricing Strategies for Providers – St George, UT (1 day Master Class – live, interactive)

(9 & 10) Introduction to Managed Care for New Hires – St George, UT (2 day Master Class – live, interactive)

(23) PanaSalud DEVELOPMENT OF THE MEDICAL TOURISM CLUSTER: From Individual Stakeholder to a National Medical Tourism Strategy”

(26) Becker’s ASC 26th Annual Meeting: The Business and Operations of ASCs Medical Travel Program Development for ASCs: Direct Contracts with Employers and Unions”