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When we prepare clients for a transition, rather than survey their entire existing patient population by phone or letter at a huge cost that produces little return, we conduct research  using a proprietary modified-Delphi method,  using the physician’s existing patients from a target demographic category as the panel of experts. After all, who knows better what the patient might find valuable in a concierge medical practice membership offer, and at what price?

Delphi method is based on a principle that forecasts (and consumer preference) from a structured group are more accurate than those from unstructured groups.  Market research that includes this extra step with a smaller, more focused group is less costly to conduct than a 15% randomized sampling of your patients, by phone or postal mail. It yields faster, actionable results, and the results are more valid than individual responses for establishing the morphology of a concierge medical practice Minimum Viable Product.

The minimum valuable product (MVP) approach is a term coined by Eric Ries, which is described as a systematic, disruptive approach to product marketing. He explains it like this:

the minimum viable product is that product which has just those features (and no more) that allows you to deliver a product that resonates with early adopters; some of whom will pay you money or give you feedback.

In this method, we act as facilitator and elicit their thinking, their opinions, and the assembler of the reasons they indicate for their judgments. Eventually the range of answers and choices converges towards the MVP answer for that practice.  That’s not to say that we don’t find similarities, but each practice, and each population, and even each market or region’s nuance brings a slightly different emphasis on what is perceived as valuable– and what isn’t.

Here’s a look at some results we gathered and aggregated from several client transitions between 2012 and 2013.

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