As a veteran healthcare management consultant with more than 30 years of practical experience, I am frequently engaged to help physicians plan, launch, change, or improve their medical practice operations. Lately the calls have been coming with increasing frequency to help recent graduates and hospitalists establish a new concierge private practice. In other instances, the calls are from frightened primary care and specialist physicians (and one veterinarian) who are unsure about the future of their business under healthcare reform and don’t want to continue down the same path they’ve been on for years. 

Part 3

Critical Components of Start up

Contrary to where you might expect me to go with this topic, I am going to cut to the chase: Each sprint in this 10-part program requires tight collaboration to remain on schedule, and to plan, launch and grow your concierge practice. You must be prepared to commit to just three things:

  • Major Accomplishments – each accomplishment is broken down into specific steps, making it easier and faster for both of us to achieve our parts to move forward with each step closer to your new concierge practice. Part of what you pay for in the consultation guidance you hire, is the practical guidance about what to do when, how, why, and in what order.  Just to set the expectations, that’s not something you get as part of an introductory 15-minute chat. That is tailored work product. It kind of works just like an office consultation at your office. If this was boilerplate, you could buy it in a book.
  • Specific Tasks – The practicable, realistic list of steps we will provide based on the business model you want and that must be done in a certain order to be able to scaffold up to the next level of development.
  • Key Appointments with Competent Professionals – If what’s been holding you back from getting your concierge practice started is that you don’t know where to start, or you’re overwhelmed by the details, or you’re afraid you don’t have the money to pay for the advice you need, you may be right. Or you may just have the start up jitters. We’ll be here to help you work through the steps, but you have to take the first one all by yourself.

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