Critical Success Factors in Developing Sustainable ACOs & PHOs

At Mercury Advisory Group our experts have distilled the ACO and Integrated Physician Network Development process into six distinct steps that every ACO, IPA, PHO or MSO must take regardless of the business model they ultimately select:

  1. ACO/PHO Ideation elaboration
    • Broad enough to be comprehensive
    • Anchored enough to the realities of implementation
  2. ACO/PHO Feasibility Analysis and Market Research
    • Local Market Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Provider Profiling
    • Addressable Market Assessment
    • Local and National Payer Analysis
  3. ACO/PHO Corporate Formation, Organizational Development, Provider Network Development
    • Business Strategy  Be sure to incorporate these critical success factors into your plan!
    • Organizational Documents (Bylaws, Applications, Credentialing & Privileging Criteria, Vetting Procedures, Provider Participation Agreements, etc.)
    • Minimum Viable Product MVP/USP Determination
    • Business Process Development
    • Management Systems
  4. ACO/PHO Business Development
    • Payer Due Diligence
    • Offer Analysis
    • Contract negotiation
    • Website & social media strategy
  5. The ACO/PHO Environment of care and customer delight
    • Day-to-day patient engagement
    • Predictive Modeling and Navigator Daily Action Items
    • Provider feedback and education
    • Systems documentation and CQI
  6. Outcomes reporting and measurement & evaluation

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