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Wondering how to generate traffic to a medical tourism website? Consider these questions as you plan your strategy

Dear Maria,

I am trying to generate traffic to my medical tourism website to build an active community in the blog there. I want this to be a place that medical tourist and medical tourists to be can come to and get there questions answered and share their experiences. I am also looking for stem cell professionals that may be interested in sharing information to go in my book that I am writing about stem cell therapies.  Any help would be greatly recognized. Thanks!
Terry Campbell

Hi Terry,

Thanks for writing.

If you want to to generate traffic to a medical tourism website, you must first develop a brand that is recognizeable, offers a tried and true promise that has been delivered to several others who will testify that they received the promise. Next you must create a reason and benefits for people to elect to visit your website and to choose your content over all the others. You must also come up with a way for people to engage and submit user generated content. To get the traffic up, you must create a relationship with your visitors, so that you can communicate reasons for them to return. The relationship is part of a marketing communications strategy, one that involves integrating your website into a visitor experience that pulls them in from various social media channels, facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, and so forth.

To whom is your brand targeted? Why should they visit you? What’s in it for them? What is the visitor life cycle you envisage? How to you envisage that they will engage with the brand to build a relationship? Why should they share knowledge of your brand with others? Why should they share ther experiences? Their experiences are very personal – why should they trust your brand enough to share their experiences on your site? Why should they trust your answers above others? What makes your brand trustworthy as an authority on whatever aspect of medical tourism you choose to focus?  These and others are questions you must answer and plan a strategy around before you can generate traffic to a medical tourism website.

Best of luck!