Hospital Planning and Design in African Countries


Hospital Planning & Design

Mercury Advisory Group is often invited to assist with the setup of new hospitals in African countries.  Our team members are former hospital executives, administrators, operations and clinical experts, and revenue cycle specialists that have unique knowledge about international healthcare, and international health reimbursement systems.  We often offer masters’ candidate interns from a number of US and other renowned universities and colleges an opportunity to work alongside the professionals to experience some of the most challenging projects in the industry. Raising up a hospital is challenging in a land where there may be no existing infrastructure, corruption is rampant, risk aversion among uninitiated investors is high and trust is low, and statistics and geospatial data is often unavailable for easy access to incorporate into business plans created from afar.  If an intern can meaningfully contribute to these projects and identify their specific contributions on project documents, the internship can be worth its weight in gold because any hospital administrator in a developed country will be able to immediately identify the value of the skills acquired on the project.

We assist in hospital planning and hospital design according to international standards and contemporary design parameters. The hospital designs and drawings are reviewed based on the departments, patient flow, adequateness for other services and management ease. We bring in our vast experience to ensure that the design enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the facility at optimal cost.  We design in such a way that we know will pass accreditation surveys by internationally-recognized accrediting bodies for hospital quality, safety, (programs such as CHOSASA, JCI, DNV,, etc.) and environmental sustainability (LEED and others).  IF the hospital intends to make itself available for inbound medical tourism, we must also incorporate these elements into the hospital planning and designs.

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