Are you finding yourself paralyzed by anger or fear? Relax. Take a break. Take a walk. Think about what you’d like the practice you’ve built to become. Record some ideas on your phone or tablet device.

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Marshalling the Courage and Skills to Transform Your Medical Practice

We’ve all read the Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

Regardless of your religious or spiritual orientation, the words have merit on their own. Do you have the courage to change the things you can? Do you even know which things need changing? Do you have the patience and perseverance to move forward? Do you have a bit of a financial cushion or the credit rating to obtain a line of credit in case you need it to ease your transition, if necessary? Because, without cash in hand, the stress may be too difficult or you may be tempted to consider copying someone else’s consultant work product – like taking their leftover prescription medication. Transitioning to  a concierge medical practice is about a personal and professional transformation; running to opportunity, rebirth, and one that will return you to clinical autonomy and ensure your economic viability as a small business owner. Imagine what would happen in the concierge medicine world if the public saw this healthcare delivery model as a way to spend their discretionary income on something they perceive to be better care, better service, and a better product. If you can also embrace this change in perspective, perhaps you’ll begin to see how marketing your practice and your products and services can be more like a public service than advertising. Come out from behind the charts and the little spinning stool in the exam room. Meet people and get to know the community a little better. Let them see just how close you are to a modern-day replica of that nostalgic image of the doctor depicted in the old Norman Rockwell pictures. Let your creativity flow. It is the key to building a “living brand” that explains to people what is unique about you and the ethos of your practice. Let the people see it. Are you ready to move forward?  I dare you to walk with Maria and see if she can’t change your perception about private practice and inspire greater enthusiasm for the opportunities that await you in concierge medicine.

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